Paving in Burlington, MA

As an eminently reliable paving company, Asphalt Services is efficient in a number of areas. Individuals who are currently stuck with gravel driveways may want to upgrade to a paved surface. Smooth asphalt surfaces are much easier on vehicles and will reduce the wear and tear on tires. Quality paving operations can usually complete even large projects in a day or two. After the proper sealant has been added, owners should be able to enjoy their new driveways without any problems. Some preventative maintenance, of course, will be required from time to time.

Paving Burlington, MA

Efficient Paving in Burlington MA


When business owners are researching paving in Burlington, MA, they will likely be attracted to Asphalt Services for a number of reasons. In addition to working on parking lots and private roads, the contractor can also pave the following locations:

  • • Basketball courts and tennis courts
  • • Swimming pool decks
  • • Farm lanes
  • • All-purpose hiking trails at local parks
  • • Amusement parks

Because the contractor is capable of working on areas that are rather unconventional, workers will generally want to perform a coordinated assessment beforehand. Once technicians have an idea of the scope of the project, they can begin fleshing out the details.

Quality Paving in Burlington MA

Asphalt Services offers certain guarantees to its clients. All individuals, in fact, can expect detailed proposals and professional work crews. If defunct structures must be eliminated before the new paving project can get underway, the company can send knowledgeable demolition crews to the job site. In most cases, old curbs and walkways will need to be broken down and carried off so that the new asphalt can be put down. Crews will also be adept at building sidewalks in crowded pedestrian areas. Many walkways, in fact, can be made to feature decorative flourishes. Asphalt Services will ultimately work with clients to develop a viable approach to the project.

Preliminary Price Quotes

When learning about paving in Burlington, MA, property owners will almost surely want to procure a price quote beforehand. When clients are aware of how much the project will cost, they can more effectively develop a budget. If they own large tracts of property, for instance, they might ask the contractor to pave each lot in sections. Asphalt Services can provide a detailed written bid to all interested parties.

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