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Every time you turn around, there is another crack or pothole in your pavement. You cannot just blame it on frequent precipitation. You have to look at whether you are using preventative maintenance to protect your paved surfaces from the harsh winter rain and snow in Connecticut. Fortunately, our asphalt paving company stands ready to come to the rescue of tired pavement. Asphalt Services, Inc. has a team of professional asphalt designers and asphalt workers who will plan your paving project in Hartford, CT and restore your pavement to prime condition.

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It has always been our goal to satisfy our residential and commercial customers just like you with timely service and quality finishing. We have a proven method of organizing and scheduling jobs. A paved surface requires proper groundwork, including services such as removing vegetation and rock/soil excavation. Your ground should be ready for paving before any asphalt is poured.

Here are some of the benefits that our customers receive when they choose to work with our highly-qualified team of asphalt contractors and laborers:

  • Detailed Planning and Budgeting - Common sense suggests that paved surfaces do not happen overnight. You don't want a company that claims to specializes in patchwork to come and slap some asphalt down on your worn driveways or parking lots. You need to look at your short-term and long-term needs and lay out an asphalt solution that fits your budget.
  • Quality Installation - We don't just come to your job and perform asphalt paving services in Hartford, CT. We take the time required to survey your job site, obtain necessary permits, and schedule the work so that your business or family life is not interrupted too much. If you review our handiwork, you will see why customers in Connecticut choose us over and over again.
  • Excellence - Safety is a big part of our paving work culture. We know that we cannot rush your repaving work. Our team strives to accommodate the unique needs of your organization without compromising excellence. If you are not satisfied with our paving services, we will find a remedy so you will choose our company again.

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