Natick Mall – Parking Lot Improvements

November 6, 2015

The Natick Mall has undergone some parking lot improvements recently completed by Asphalt Services, Inc. This project consisted of mill and paving the main roadway coming in off route 9 up to the first rotary, mill and paving the roadway coming in off Speen Street by Nouvelle at Natick residences to the first rotary, mill and paving the parking lot in front of Macy’s and the roadway behind Macy’s. The Natick Mall is one of the most beautiful malls in Massachusetts, if not the best of them all. This mall is designed and run with the consumer in mind. Plenty of parking, easy to get to, great stores and restaurants and more importantly safe and esthetically pleasing grounds. Don’t forget, the customers first experience with your establishment is in your parking lot. It is important to make sure the parking lot is safe for consumers or you may influence them to never come back. Saying on top of your parking lot as The Natick Mall does will decrease the amount of money spent over time in repairs. The worse the asphalt failures become the more expensive the project you will face. Parking lot improvements don’t necessarily have to be paving but can consist of making sure your drains are functioning properly, curbing is set right and not broken, your striping is visible and makes sense and all major gas meters and important structures are protected.

Not sure if your property is in need of parking lot improvements? No problem! Give Asphalt Services, Inc. a call to set up a complimentary walk through that can help identify safety hazards or just plain asphalt failures that need to be addresses.

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