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At Asphalt Services, Inc., we offer a wide range of professional paving services to residents in Saugus, MA that will increase the value of your property. Our approach to each residential or commercial paving project in Saugus, MA is careful and deliberate.

Paving in Saugus MA

Reliable Paving in Saugus, MA


We start at the drawing board, helping each valued customer define his or her goals for a paving project. Next, we agree on a price and project deadline and coordinate our paving professionals to complete the paving job in a timely fashion. The result is a finished paved surface built to last for many years, especially to withstand the harsh weather patterns of New England. It's best to place your trust in the professional contractors of Asphalt Services, Inc. for all of your paving needs.

We know that a well-maintained parking lot will enhance the success of your company. It not only makes your space more appealing, but it minimizes the likelihood of accidental injuries. To help your lot last longer and remain safe and attractive, our professionals can fill cracks and seal coat the area. And when the time comes for a replacement, look no further than Asphalt Services, Inc. Here are just some of the specialty services we offer:

  • New Surfaces - From excavation to grading and paving, we've got the heavy equipment and technical expertise to turn an undeveloped piece of land into a beautiful parking lot or paved surface. By paying close attention to the details of each job, we ensure that your project conforms with local building codes and meets industry standards for environmental responsibility.
  • Cosmetic Fixes - Some paved surfaces are in need of tender, loving care. We also perform cosmetic services and custom jobs to improve the curb appeal of residential, commercial, and community properties. Let us fix up your land parcel with patchwork on existing paved surfaces and make them more walk able and usable with sidewalks, patios, terraces, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to transforming a patch of land with asphalt solutions!
  • Demolition and Repaving - We also know that some properties are in need of complete destruction and removal of an existing parking lot. That's because the previous owners of your property did not perform preventive maintenance or foresee the needs that you would have. It could be your best option to start from scratch. We can plan the removal of existing concrete or asphalt surfaces and complete the installation of a new paved area without you or your customers or residents losing access to buildings or outdoor facilities.

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We look forward to preparing your free estimate and scheduling the groundbreaking of your asphalt project, a proven way to improve residential and commercial land parcels.

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