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It's easy to take paved driveways, walkways and other areas for granted. When you need to have a new one installed, though, you'll quickly learn that the process requires a lot of skill. For more than 30 years, Asphalt Services Inc. has been providing superior paving services. We offer residential and commercial paving in Warwick, RI for some of the most competitive prices around. With every project, we strive to produce long-lasting, visually stunning results.

Paving Warwick, RI

Dependable Paving in Warwick RI


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Asphalt Services Inc. is the name to trust for paving in Warwick, RI and neighboring communities. Whether you need a new walkway on your property or a better parking lot for your customers, we can help. We offer a complete lineup of paving services that includes:

  • • The design and creation of new driveways, parking lots, pathways, patios and other paved services. We can also base our work on customers' plans.
  • • Patching cracks, holes and other imperfections in paved surfaces.
  • • Obtaining the permits that are often necessary for paving in Warwick RI. This is especially useful for residential customers and saves them a lot of time.
  • • Grading paved surfaces to produce smoother, more attractive results. Grading can also enhance the safety of a parking lot, patio, driveway, walkway or other area.
  • • Sealcoating and compacting new pavement to ensure long-lasting results. Our customers invest their hard-earned money to have areas paved or improved, and our goal is to ensure that our work stands the test of time.

Many companies offer paving in Warwick, RI and nearby communities, but none of them come close to matching what Asphalt Services Inc. can do. We always put customers first, and we're not satisfied unless you are.

Regardless of the complexity of simplicity of the job, Asphalt Services Inc. is committed to producing impeccable results. Our paved surfaces have defined edges and crisp curbs. They are also smooth and durable.

With Asphalt Services Inc., you will never be left in the dark. We can come out to your location to provide on-site, no-obligation quotes. Our team will walk you through the process from start to finish, and our employees will take measures to avoid disturbing the landscaping in any way. When the work is complete, our team will clean up everything so that you're just left with a stunning new parking lot, driveway or other paved area. It's as simple as that.

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