Rockingham Mall – Salem, NH

September 9, 2019

From start to finish this 2 day mill and pave was completed in Salem, NH. At Asphalt Services, Inc. we are known for being the best paving contractor in New England and its jobs like this that make true. With very little interruption to the stores in this plaza we were able to mill, pave […]

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2 More Shaw’s Locations

August 19, 2019

2 more Shaw’s locations in Boston have been completed this year by Asphalt Services, Inc..  As with the others, these parking lots were milled and paved with fresh line painting finishing off the parking lots. Our quality, efficiency and care for the tenants business is what keeps our customers coming back year after year. Shaw’s […]

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Star Market Quincy – Parking Lot Paving

June 5, 2019

Asphalt Services, Inc. has completed another parking lot for Shaw’s/Star Market. This parking was a mill and pave of the front with a reclaim section in the rear of the store. Give us a call today to and see why so many of our valued customers continue to trust us with their parking lot projects. […]

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Star Market Somerville – Parking Lot Paving

May 15, 2019

Asphalt Services, Inc. has completed the first of six Star Market/Shaw’s parking lots. The work being performed throughout the portfolio range from full parking lot replacements, to sectional replacements to pot hole repair in one of the parking lots. This Star Market in Somerville was a full parking lot replacement done by milling and paving. […]

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Beverly, MA – Parking Lot Paving

April 9, 2019

Here is a parking lot paving project we completed last year. With the spring upon us the schedule is starting to fill up. If you haven’t had your parking lots evaluated now is the best time to do it. We offer a wide range of services for your parking lots including paving, sealcoating, line striping, […]

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Shoppers World Parking Lot Paving

November 7, 2018

The Shoppers World parking lot paving project in Framingham was recently completed by Asphalt Services, Inc. This large scale paving project was completed completely at night so there was no distraction or disruption to the stores and tenants. This project was completed in 3 days from start to finish. Completing your projects at night is […]

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Natick Mall – Parking Lot Improvements

October 22, 2018

For the 4th year in a row Asphalt Services, Inc. was privileged enough to be chosen as the asphalt contractor to complete another phase of parking lot improvements for the Natick Mall. This ended up being one of the toughest jobs Asphalt Services, Inc. has ever undertaken. Compared to a lot of other jobs we […]

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Stop & Shop Dorchester – Parking Lot Replacement

July 25, 2018

Stop and Shop makes sure they keep their properties in safe, tip top shape. Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed another reclaim and pave full parking lot replacement project at the Stop and Shop in Dorchester, MA. We have worked in some busy parking lots over the years but this could be one of the […]

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Stop & Shop Swampscott – Parking Lot Reconstruction

June 18, 2018

Stop and Shop in Swampscott, MA has just undergone a full parking lot reconstruction project completed by Asphalt Services, Inc. Aside from needing to be repaved this parking lot brought its own sets of challenges. With such a high water table the drainage behind the building had to be completed re-engineered and the entire rear […]

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Reclaim and Pave – Burlington

June 4, 2018

Asphalt Services, Inc. just completed another reclaim and pave in Burlington, MA. This project doesn’t may not appear to be “big” but looks can be deceiving.  Even though smaller in size this parking lot threw its fair share of curveballs at us. This project consisted of reclaiming and paving the parking lot, installing all new […]

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La Quinta – Somerville, MA

May 14, 2018

Paving the parking lot of a busy hotel can be a challenge. There is never a day the lot can be shut down, working at night is out of the question and vehicle traffic is usually heavy. La Quinta Inn & Suites in Somerville, MA trusted Asphalt Services, Inc. to get the job done as […]

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Stop and Shop Stoneham – Mill and Pave

October 30, 2017

Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed the Mill and Pave of the parking lot at Stop and Shop in Stoneham, MA. Due to the popularity of this store the parking lot constantly has heavy traffic and this project was originally projected for 8 phases. Good thing they called the right company.  ASI completed this project in […]

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