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June 20, 2014

Belmont Car Wash Reclaim Project

Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed a commercial reclaiming and paving job at the Belmont Car Wash in Belmont, MA.  This project included the reclaiming and re-paving of the entire parking lot.  A new island with 90 linear feet of vertical granite curbing designed to help the flow of traffic.  Around the perimeter of the property, 220 linear feet of cape cod berm was installed.  Many people don’t realize there are more than one type of asphalt berm.  Cape cod berm is angled back from the lot.  It stars flush at the asphalt and angles back and up, up to 6 inches.  This asphalt berm is recommended over the standard loaf berm because of its durability.  When plows or car tires hit a cape cod berm they ride up the angle rather than blowing out a chunk of the berm which is what commonly happens to loaf berm.  No cape cod berm isn’t resistant to blow outs, but you have much better chances of avoiding it.  To cap off the project the Belmont Car Wash parking lot was meticulously striped for safety and traffic flow throughout the lot.

Call Asphalt Services, Inc. today for all your commercial paving projects.  We handle every project with quality and attention to detail.  We specialize in large commercial projects and we’re the best at minimizing headaches or inconveniences to tenants or customers.

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