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September 25, 2014

Billerica Mall Mill and Pave

The parking lot project at the Billerica Mall in Billerica, MA is in the final stages of completion.  This was a very challenging project due to the various types of work being done in a busy parking lot.  Asphalt Services, Inc. worked tirelessly throughout the days to complete the project with little to no interruption to the stores, tenants or customers.  With no complaints we feel we succeeded in our goal.  The project consisted of milling and paving multiple various areas throughout the parking lot.  Roughly 2000 feet of concrete curbing was replaced, the parking lot received a new layout with the striping making the entire parking lot straight in parking rather than the slanted space parking that was existing.  All new handicap signs and posts were installed and the rest of the parking lot that wasn’t included in the mill and pave had all the cracks sealed and then layered with multiple coats of sealcoat.  Asphalt Services, Inc. would like to thank all the consumers who shopped in this plaza during our construction, and also all the stores and their employees for their patience and understanding throughout this project.

During the project we received countless compliments from consumers shopping in the plaza saying how much better the entire place looks.  That just goes to show you.  If you don’t have the money to repave your entire parking lot, paving the worst areas and sealcoating the rest makes a big difference and also helps save some money in the wallet.  Don’t believe us just look at the pictures below.

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