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November 11, 2014

Butcher Boy Marketplace Parking Lot Replacement – North Andover, MA

Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed Butcher Boy Marketplace parking lot replacement – North Andover, MA.  For a smaller size parking lot this was a very tough challenge.  This is one of the busiest parking lots we have ever paved.  This project consisted of reclaiming the existing parking lot, removing and replacing all the curbing and re-striping the lot when complete.  The project was completed in 4 days start to finish with little to no interruption or problems to the stores and shoppers.  Asphalt Services, Inc. would like to thank all the tenants, workers and shoppers for their patience during our project.

Completing tough projects like this one is what Asphalt Services, Inc. specializes in.  We came in this lot at night to get all the reclaiming and grading done and had the paving crews following along in the morning.  The process is what helped alleviate inconvenience and interruption to stores.  Unfortunately, this can’t be done in all parking lots.  Give us a call today for a free evaluation of your parking lot and see what Asphalt Services, Inc. can do to help!

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