An aerial view of a parking lot with cars parked in it.

August 10, 2016

Parking lot mill and pave – Stop & Shop, Woburn, MA

The parking lot mill and pave of the Woburn Stop & Shop is now complete. As with any large retail or shopping center parking lot it came with challenges. No challenges that Asphalt Services, Inc. couldn’t handle. Part of the parking lot area is also a main roadway that connects a main street to another center and a residential area. Closing this road down was out of the question. The milling portion of this project was completed at night when the store was closed and when traffic on this road would be minimal. The road was also split down the middle so one side could remain open to traffic at all times. Once all the milling was complete the paving was then completed. Once again the roadway was split down the middle so it would remain open during paving. The parking lot was then paved in sections so they could be open upon completion of that section so Stop & Shop had would not lose a large amount of parking spaces. Having the right contractor for a project like this is crucial. Having the experience on how to handle road traffic, store and parking lot traffic and consumers is key to making sure these projects get completed with little to no interruption to the tenants, customers and property managers.

Asphalt Services, Inc. has the skills, knowledge, and experience with complicated projects of this nature. Before you start a project in your parking lot make sure you have called Asphalt Services, Inc. We will breakdown with color coded maps of how your project will commence and how it will reduce interruption to your clients.

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