An aerial view of a parking lot.

July 11, 2016

Parking Lot Reconstruction – Burlington, MA

The parking lot reconstruction project at the Burlington Marketplace Plaza in Burlington, MA is finally complete. This project has been ongoing for the last couple months due to the nature of the changes in the parking lot and the tight working area due to the amount of daily traffic through this plaza. This project consisted of adding a new entrance and exit in the rear left corner of the parking lot onto a side road. Also throughout half of the parking lot all the island were reconfigured to add as many more parking spaces that could be added. Additionally all new curbing, drainage, lighting, and protective bollards were installed throughout this parking lot. This project was no easy task. The amount of daily traffic through this very popular busy plaza kept our work area small and challenging. Throughout all the challenges Asphalt Services, Inc. completed this project with little to no problems or disruptions to tenants. We would like to thank all the tenants and store employees for the patience and understanding throughout this project. We would also like to thank all the customers of the stores for their patience and understanding as well.

If you have a parking lot project that will disrupt a large area make sure you have the right contractor in there. Asphalt Services, Inc. specializes in large parking lot projects where the stores need to stay open and where we have minimal disruption to tenants and customers. Give us a call today for free evaluations of your parking lot projects.

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