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We provide commercial paving for all size parking lots and driveways, with over 30 years of satisfied clients.

Residential Paving

A new and well maintained asphalt driveway adds more than just curb appeal to your home.


Sealcoating is a very important maintenance element of your driveway or parking lot.

Snow Removal

Asphalt Services has the knowledge and resources to handle all your snow removal needs.


The first thing a customer notices about your property is your parking lot.

Recent Projects/News

  • DJI00060

    Butcher Boy Marketplace Parking Lot Reclaiming

    Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed Butcher Boy Marketplace parking lot replacement - North Andover, MA.  For a smaller size parking lot this was a very tough challenge.  This is one of the busiest parking lots we have ever paved.  This project consisted of reclaiming the existing parking lot, removing and replacing all the curbing and re-striping the lot when complete.  The project was completed in 4 days start to finish with little to no interruption or problems to the stores and shoppers.  Asphalt Services, Inc. would like to thank all the tenants, workers and shoppers...
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  • Billerica Mall Mill and Pave 2

    Billerica Mall Mill and Pave

    The mill and pave project at the Billerica Mall in Billerica, MA is in the final stages of completion. This was a very challenging project due to the various types of work being done in a busy parking lot.  Asphalt Services, Inc. worked tirelessly throughout the days to complete the project with little to no interruption to the stores, tenants or customers. With no complaints we feel we succeeded in our goal. The project consisted of milling and paving multiple various areas throughout the parking lot.  Roughly 2000 feet of concrete curbing was replaced, the parking lot received a new...
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  • DJI00021

    Randolph, MA – Parking Lot Reclaim

    Asphalt Services, Inc. just finished up the parking lot reclaim and pave project at the Not Your Average Joe’s in Randolph, MA.  This project consisted of reclaiming the entire back and sides of the parking lot, installing a new drainage system and paving.  The front of the building had the minor asphalt cracking sealed with a hot melted rubber and was then sealcoated.  Mixing up your parking lot between paving and sealcoating is a great way to reduce the cost of the project while also giving the entire lot a fresh look, not just where you paved. This method can only be done if the area...
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  • asi milling machine

    Milling Machine Rental Program

    Asphalt Services, Inc. is pleased to announce our new milling machine rental program.  Do you have a project that calls for milling but don't have access to one? Are you bidding a job and want to be competitive?  Give Asphalt Services, Inc. a call to learn more about our program. We offer great daily and square foot rates, provide a complete milling crew and trailer the machine to and from the job sites ourselves. Availability fills up quick so be sure to call and reserve it...

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  • DJI00275

    Lexington, MA – Parking Lot Paving Phase 2

    Phase 2 of the 4 phase parking lot paving of the Lexington Corporate Center in Lexington, MA has just been completed.  Once again Asphalt Services, Inc. is proud to report that the work was completed with no interruption to business and without problems.  The work consisted of milling the existing paving down 2 inches and re-paving with a fresh 2 inch top coat over the milled surface. For more information on the milling process visit our website. With a complete parking lot of this size, breaking down the cost of a total replacement over 4 years is a great way to manage your budget.  Main parking areas and roadways are always great to do first, followed by loading docks and secondary parking areas .... Read Full Story
  • untitle_Fotor_Collage

    Asphalt Services, Inc. ranks in nations top 75!

    Asphalt Services, Inc. has been nationally ranked in the top 75 contractors for paving, pavement repair, sealcoating and striping by the Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine.  We are extremely proud of this recognition and have all of you to thank.  Asphalt Services, Inc. couldn’t be where it is today without all of our clients, employees and friends.  Being ranked in the top 75 in the country really shows our hard work paying off.  We pride ourselves on getting the job done right, the quickest and most cost effective way for our clients without compromising quality.  We strive to be the best and we’re now being recognized this way.  Asphalt Services, Inc. is always thinking of ways to utilize new technology and industry methods to offer our clients the best possible experience. Among our competitors we have been the first to the table with a lot of the common methods you see... Read Full Story
  • 30nickerson_16

    Office Park Paving – Marlborough, MA

    Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed the 2nd half of a 2 year paving plan at an office park in Marlborough.  This office park parking lot was reclaimed, re-paved and completed in 3 days.  The parking lot was securely taped off and employees of the building were directed to available parking with no problems or interruption to business.  We would like the thank all of the employees and building staff for your cooperation and patience throughout this project.  If you have a parking lot that needs to be reconstructed, breaking the work up into multiple years is a great way to spread the cost around.  Year to year Asphalt Services, Inc. has been proud to offer almost the exact same pricing with little increase.  Pricing is all based on volume, the more work we do the lower the prices we can offer.  If your parking lot needs to be redone call Asphalt Services, Inc. now to set up a free site evaluation.   We ... Read Full Story
  • Salem, MA Parking Lot Paving 4

    Parking Lot Paving – Swampscott & Salem, MA

    Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed the partial replacement of 2 parking lots located in Salem and Swamspcott, MA.  Both of these parking lots were milled with a new 2" top coat of asphalt and were completed ahead of schedule. To finalize the project, the entire area was striped during the overnight hours. If your not familiar with this process be sure to check out our website at to find out more info on milling.  As with every parking lot Asphalt Services, Inc. completes we are proud to offer the stores and its customers the least amount of interruption possible.  We deploy a large parking lot management team to assist with flow of traffic, customers coming and going to and from stores and with parking. Read Full Story
  • belmontcarwash8

    Belmont Car Wash Reclaim

    Asphalt Services, Inc. has just completed a commercial reclaiming and paving job at the Belmont Car Wash in Belmont, MA.  This project included the reclaiming and re-paving of the entire parking lot.  A new island with 90 linear feet of vertical granite curbing designed to help the flow of traffic.  Around the perimeter of the property, 220 linear feet of cape cod berm was installed.  Many people don’t realize there are more than one type of asphalt berm.  Cape cod berm is angled back from the lot.  It stars flush at the asphalt and angles back and up, up to 6 inches.  This asphalt berm is recommended over the standard loaf berm because of its durability.  When plows or car tires hit a cape cod berm they ride up the angle rather than blowing out a chunk of the berm which is what... Read Full Story
  • winchesterpv

    Parkview Condos Parking Lot Replacement

    The Parkview Condominiums in Winchester, MA has just undergone a complete parking lot replacement project.  A project like this takes careful planning and cooperation.  This parking lot was broken down into 3 sections with each section being milled and paved before the next section was opened up.  Managing a project this way allows the residents use of the parking lot with as little interruption as possible.  This commercial paving project included the removal and replanting of 29 trees, milling of the entire parking lot, a new double catch basin drainage system, a 155 ft versa-lock retaining wall, the installation of over a mile of cape cod berm around... Read Full Story

    Parking Lot Repair

    Don't have the money in the budget to replace your entire parking lot.  Don't worry, Asphalt Services, Inc. has you covered.  Asphalt Services, Inc. can go through and evaluate your property.  We will make a recommendation based on the condition of your lot.  We will outline which areas to do this year, which areas can wait until next year and so on.  Before you know it, the entire parking lot has been repaved and the cost was spread out throughout a couple years.  Asphalt Services, Inc. always provides site evaluation at no cost to you and with absolutely no obligation... Read Full Story

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  • Janet S.
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  • Lee A.
  • Steven D.
  • Homeowner in Wayland, MA
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  • A+++ service and results.  I called a number of places to get an estimate to have my driveway resurfaced.  Some didn't even bother to respond.  But Asphalt Services was prompt in giving the estimate and the price was very fair.  They arrived when they said they would, and the results are phenomenal!  No "stripes" like we've had in the past.  It looks like a brand new driveway!  Plus, the customer service was great!  They promised to do the work within a very reasonable week of the estimate.  But I asked if they could do the work sooner, and they juggled their schedule so that they could accommodate my timeline.  Wonderful all around!!!
    Janet S.
  • They did an excellent job and made sure that they cleaned up when they finished. Totally professional people to deal with and asked for my input of what I wanted and followed it to a T. I would gladly refer them to my friends to have them do there magic. Everyone from Chris, Rose and Lee, not to forget the crew, were very courteous and friendly. What more can I say?
    Nicolo L.
  • Asphalt Services did a excellent one-day job of demolishing and removing our old driveway and repaving it.  They were friendly, responsive and very efficient.  They overcame a very confusing and delayed city permit process and got the job done better than expected.  I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a complete driveway rebuild!  Excellent work!
    Chris D.
  • driveway looks great, and they did minimal damage to the lawn and the walkway. they dug it out on a Saturday, and put a new one in on the following Monday. Crew was very effecient and left almost no mess behind.
    Thomas D.
  • I have hired ASI of Woburn twice, once to pave a muddy and weedy parking area and once to seal coat an existing driveway. On both occasions, ASI showed up on time, did excellent work and through the office scheduler, Mary, provided excellent and flexible service.  I recommend this company for its superlative work.
    Lee A.
  • Best of the best service! Everyone from the estimator Chris, to Jeff running the job, to Rose and Lee in the office were professional, nice and responded quickly to questions. We had an ancient one riped out and a new drive way put in. When they say the truck will be there at 7AM - count on it. Count on attention to detail (did I mention my driveway has a delicate garden on 3 sides?) and craftsmanship. Clean - they left the area immaculate. They were even cleaning up during the job! Ask for Jeff who was our contact the day the driveway was put in. Very professional, friendly and on top everything.
    Steven D.
  • Very responsive, customer service was great, team to show up to do the job was great. Worked hard and efficiently.
    Homeowner in Wayland, MA
  • ASInc responded immediately to my request sending a reasonable quote. They quickly answered my questions when I called. Chris was my rep and was very responsive to any questions. I am happy with the work done.
    Vinod G.
  • ASI responded immediately, did an excellent job the following week, had capable and easy to work with supervisors and the price was right.
    Robert P.
  • We were extremely pleased with the price, service and quality of the work done on our driveway. We have received many compliments. We would highly recommend Asphalt Services.
    Mark O.
  • ok , i had 5 different asphalt cos, give me estimates, some of the prices, were enough to pay 6 months of my mortgage.  Asphalt serv. came is with a great price, and the work done was great. There are friendly, pros !!! Frank the  estimator, treats you like a friend !!! The work crew all decent hard working guys !!! Thank you Asphalt Services for the work you did !!!
    Mitch E.
  • I would recommend Asphalt Services time and time again. I received a quote within days of an inquiry and their price was extremely reasonable. The had to grade and deal with a natural slope of the road/driveway which would send water towards our home. They took their time and expertise to ensure that water would slope toward our backyard rather than our home. It down poured last week and the results were fabulous!! The crew was professional, quick and diligent. We are extremely thrilled without new driveway and would not change a thing about our decision!! This winter will be much easier without dealing with rocks and pebbles. Thank you!!
    Nicole G.
  • Lowest estimate. Very cheerful staff on site and on phone. They checked and double checked to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted. They worked quickly and did what they said they would when they said they would, did lots of little extras, and stuck to their estimate. Kudos, thanks and five stars.
    David L.