Paving in Waterbury, CT

Take a good, long look at your driveway or parking lot. Is it rough, discolored or worn-looking? Have you caught yourself hoping that neither you nor anyone else trips over its jagged surface? If it’s time to face the fact that your paving in Waterbury CT needs some serious repair or replacement, don’t wait any longer. Work with Asphalt Services, Inc., New England’s paving repair, renovation and replacement specialists.

Paving Waterbury, CT

Why Look to Us for Paving in Waterbury, CT?


If you needed open heart surgery, who would you call: someone barely out of medical school who had just moved into the area and had no patients? Or would you choose a person with a solid reputation for excellence who is well-respected by patients and professional colleagues? Asphalt Services, Inc. falls into the second category. We’re a family-owned company and have spent the last 30 years crafting an impeccable reputation of quality and excellence in customer service. Let us be your first choice for paving in Waterbury CT.

What Separates Us from the Rest for Paving in Waterbury

Success leads to more success. As our company has flourished over these three decades, well-renown entities including Boston College, Alexandria Real Estate, Stop and Shop and many more have come to rely on us for all of their asphalt maintenance and replacement needs. Why? The answer lies in our individualized customer care. We know that it’s vital that you, your guests and customers have unhampered access to your property. So we schedule our work in stages to ensure that your entrance and exit is open at all times. Furthermore, we communicate at every step of the way during your job so that there are no surprises, delays or unexpected charges. We’re committed to doing your paving in Waterbury CT job right the first time.

Our Specialties

Here are just a few of the areas in which we excel:

  • • Patch work
  • • Milling
  • • Reclaiming
  • • Resurfacing
  • • Demolition, installation and replacement of granite curbing and asphalt berm
  • • Installation of concrete patios and sidewalks

Call us today for a free estimate and consultation. We’ll make your paving in Waterbury CT our top priority.

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