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October 19, 2015

Quincy, MA – Asphalt Paving of Parking Lot

Asphalt paving projects really help spruce up the look of a shopping center. Its the first thing a customer notices when they pull in, especially if they baby their vehicle. The last thing you want is a parking lot full of pot holes and asphalt failures. The parking lot at the Marshall’s and Ocean State Job Lot in Quincy, MA was in need of a little attention before it got to that point so Asphalt Services, Inc. completed a total pulverization and re-pave of the parking lot. During construction it was discovered that the pipes for the parking lot drainage system were old and rotting. Unfortunately nothing has been developed to see through the ground to catch these things but we are glad we caught it while the parking lot was dug up. Its always a good idea to evaluate anything that could be under your parking lot while a reconstruction project is ongoing. Things like pipes for drainage systems, the drainage structures themselves, irrigation lines and piping, electrical lines and piping, etc are just some examples of what to look for. Having to replace all the underground drainage piping added a little extra time to the asphalt paving project at this property but Asphalt Services, Inc. worked tirelessly to get the job done as fast as possible with risking workmanship. Asphalt Services, Inc. would like to thank everyone associated with this project for their cooperation and patience throughout the asphalt paving project. These types of projects are not easy to conduct during regular business hours but with your help and understanding they definitely go a lot smoother for everyone.

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