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September 24, 2015

The Farm @ Chestnut Hill – Parking Lot Mill and Pave

The parking lot mill and pave project at The Farm at Chestnut Hill in Newton, MA was completed by Asphalt Services, Inc. with little to no interruption and ahead of schedule. Reconstructing the parking lot in a condominium community is a tough project. If not done right it can be highly disruptive to its tenants and nothing but problems. Projects like this require full cooperation from all parties involved and thats just what Asphalt Services, Inc. had here. Asphalt Services, Inc. prides itself on its customer service before, during and after a project and would like to thank all the residents and team members involved in this project for their patience and cooperation. Without it, this parking lot mill and pave project would not have gone off as smoothly as it did.

To learn more about how Asphalt Services, Inc. can help you with all your parking lot mill and pave services please click here or call 781-938-6800.

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